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WVH Management, How Does It Differ From Other Rental Management Firms?

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WVH Management, How Does It Differ From Other Rental Management Firms? | Whistler Vacation Homes Management

Investing in a property on the Whistler mountains is a great idea for those looking to create a passive income as a homeowner, and to contribute positively to the Canadian tourism sector, which welcomes over 3 million visitors to the largest ski and snowboarding resort in North America annually. 

With winters that begin in November and sold-out summer festivities taking place each year, owning rental property in Whistler, BC can come with its own challenges. As you open up your luxury rental space to visitors from all around the world, you’ll want to work with a trusted rental management company to take care of your home as if it was their own if you are not present or able to actively look after everything. 

Are you a Whistler luxury homeowner looking for a reliable management firm for your vacation property? Whistler Vacation Home Management is your one-stop solution for property management and rental space maintenance.

What Can a Property Management Firm Do for You?

  • Home staging and professional photography
  • Marketing through various leading rental platforms
  • Tenant screening and home protection
  • Dynamic pricing
  • 24/7 local and on-site support
  • Home maintenance and repair
  • Bookkeeping and financial record keeping

WVH Management: Home Management for the 21st Century

These days, most people begin their travel planning by searching for flights and accommodations online. Platforms such as AirBNB makes it easy for travellers to find property listings and inquire about their stay with homeowners and/or property managers directly. 

That’s why we list your home on the web’s most popular third-party rental websites, such as VRBO, Homeaway, Flipkey, and AirBNB.


We work on a flat commission basis (rather than monthly or annual fees), making WVH Management your number one choice for cost-effective luxury home management. WVH Management provides owners with a much more favourable fee structure, whereby the owner isn’t paying for all the cleaning costs or credit card fees associated with bookings.  

World-Class Customer Service and Home Care

Even with lower management fees than hotels and our other competitors, WVH Management offers world class home care and incomparable maintenance services, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Marketing expertise
  • Professional photography
  • Home-maintenance inspections
  • Guest-screening
  • Guest amenities (bathroom toiletries, cooking basics, etc.)
  • 24/7 Support

We provide an optimized management business model to help you achieve top tier rental rates, create visibility through effective marketing, and access to superior guest screening.

WVH Management is Here to Help

Whistler Vacation Homes Management thrives when it comes to creating a seamlessly profitable homeownership experience for you. 

WVH Management offers annual contracts with a flexible, satisfaction-guaranteed 30-day cancellation. To inquire about our services, please call us at 604-545-0488 or fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a WVH Management representative today. 

Over 3 million memories are made on the Whistler Mountains every year — we highly look forward to being a part of yours and your guests’.