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5 Things a Luxury Rental Management Company Can Do For Your Vacation Home

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5 Things a Luxury Rental Management Company Can Do For Your Vacation Home | WVH ManagementIntroducing Luxury Vacation Home Management

When you put up a home for rent in Whistler, you’re essentially putting your vacation home up against powerful and familiar hotel brand names for travellers to choose from. 

That’s why it’s so important to work with a vacation home management firm that emphasizes location-based specifics when it comes to marketing your home, and provides resources and recommendations for you to connect with your target demographic of tenants.

Whistler Vacation Homes Management is an example of a luxury vacation home management company that offers all-in-one home rental management services to homeowners. To read more about how to take care of your Whistler luxury vacation home for rent, you may wish to check out the WVH Management blog for tips and information.

What Does a Good Property Management Company Look Like?

A good rental property management company can help you take care of all the things required to create a clean, warm and polished environment for your visitors. 

Typical services that a rental home property manager offers are:

  • Cleaning & Amenities
  • Home Listing & Marketing
  • Marketing Tools (e.g. Professional Photography, Staging etc.)
  • Dynamic Pricing to Maximize Revenue
  • Guest Support and Call-Outs
  • Home Maintenance Inspections & Repairs
  • Monthly Book-Keeping

A luxury rental management company does all of the above, and goes on to exceed homeowner expectations with guest screening, stocking of guest amenities and 24/7 client support.

What Does a Luxury Rental Management Company Do?

Luxury rental management companies offer all-in-one vacation rentals management services, so homeowners like yourself can focus on all of the other things already keeping you busy every day. 

Great luxury home management service providers will go above and beyond to create a lasting impression for your home, and help you accomplish positive feedback from your guests. 

Let’s take a closer look at how WVH Management differs from standard property management service providers (so you only have to check in on your vacation home when you want to):

1. Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs

WVH Management cares about your home looking neat and polished as much as you do. Professional cleaning after each guest visit is included in all of our plans, and any home repairs that are discovered are coordinated at cost. 

In addition, monthly comprehensive maintenance inspections are included as well, to make sure we stay ahead of any maintenance issues and ensure your place is up to par for every guest’s stay.

2. Marketing Expertise + Photography

We offer marketing insights and dynamic pricing for more bookings at higher rates. 

We work with you to ensure your home listing reflects the look you envision for your luxury home and match your vision authentically.

3. Guest Amenities

WVH Management pays for and stocks up on basic amenities (bathroom toiletries, cooking basics, etc), year-round. 

You won’t have to worry about running to the store to refill on napkins or hand soap any time soon, when you’re working with us.

4. Guest Screenings

Safety and security is always on our mind when it comes to your luxury home. 

We offer advanced guest screening and home protection with the ability to see the guests’ previous host reviews and ratings at the end of their stay. 

5. 24/7 Support

While we promise to take great care of your home, we are available 24/7 for booking inquiries, guest support or maintenance. 

Our 24/7 response team is on standby to make sure all of our clients get the support they need for their vacation homes.

Lowest Management Rates for Whistler Homeowners

What makes WVH Management’s approach different is that the company has a laser-sharp focus on working with the latest techniques fully optimized for the 21st century to support luxury homeowners like yourself to deliver an unmatched vacation rental management service.

WVH Management’s business strategy, marketing techniques and high-end client base, proudly enables us to charge the lowest management rates in Whistler!

Not only is our annual contract management fee all-inclusive, it has also been structured to further benefit homeowners, as we take our fee on net rental revenue, rather than gross revenue. We work with our clients closely to build a truly successful and sustainable vacation home rental business.

If you are a Whistler homeowner who wishes to help create a luxury home away from home for your guests, we welcome you to apply to become a host with us today.

WVH Management is Here to Help

Whistler Vacation Homes Management thrives when it comes to creating a seamlessly profitable homeownership experience for you. We are an innovative vacation rental management firm that uses techniques optimized for the 21st century to offer complete home management services in Whistler, BC.

WVH Management offers annual contracts with a flexible, satisfaction-guaranteed 30-day cancellation. To inquire about our property management services, please call us at 604-545-0488 or fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a WVH Management representative today. 

Over 3 million memories are made on the Whistler Mountains every year — we highly look forward to being a part of yours and your guests’!

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