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5 Design Tips to Increase Bookings Of Your Whistler Vacation Home

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Whistler, BC is one of the most popular cities in all of North America for travellers seeking out adrenaline-filled sports, adventurous trails for hiking and, arguably, some of the most stunning, scenic views atop the Whistler-Blackcomb area. As a vacation rental homeowner, you can be sure that your guests will have plenty of opportunities to fill up their Whistler itineraries with new and exciting adventures or discoveries along the way during their trip. 

How can you ensure your property stands out among the rest as your guests’ potential home away from home? There are 5 simple tips that won’t cost homeowners a fortune that WVH Management recommends to help boost your vacation home’s appeal to prospective guests. The following article contains a list of 5 design tips to help increase potential guest bookings for your Whistler vacation home:

5. Furnish Your Property to Make it Feel Like Home 

Many say, “home is where the heart is”. Your guests will be staying at your vacation rental home and making it their home away from home, so you’ll want to offer furniture and amenities for your guests which will make them feel as comfortable and cozy as possible during their stay. 

Cleanliness and tidiness are extremely important to your guests. Property management companies such as WVH Management can help with your vacation rental home’s overall maintenance. For more information on how WVH Management can assist with the maintenance and cleaning of your vacation rental home, please feel free to visit our Services page by clicking here.

4. Exhibit Your Vacation Rental Home’s Best Features

When providing a description of your vacation rental home to property management companies such as Whistler Vacation Homes Management, it can really help to make special notes for the property managers regarding the little things which can make a huge difference for your guests during their stay. 

Highlighting your vacation home’s best features is important, but providing detailed descriptions of how those features can assist your guests during their trip is even more crucial. Especially for first-time visitors, Whistler’s array of areas and activities to explore can seem overwhelming. For instance, if your luxury home offers accommodations such as a jacuzzi, it can be especially helpful to describe how the jacuzzi can be a treat for your guests after a long day of trying out strenuous activities outdoors. 

3. Go Above and Beyond with Accommodation Options

With so many different types of accommodations options to choose from, warm the hearts of your prospective guests by offering additional amenities such as toiletries and other goodies that will help to reassure your guests during their stay. 

Some vacation rental homeowners will even offer snacks and beverages for their guests, creating opportunities for positive relationships with your guests that can help towards future visits to Whistler where they will stay at your vacation home. The best part about accommodations and amenities that you can provide for your guests is that everything is entirely up to you.

2. Set and Specify Realistic Expectations for Your Guests

While it’s important to design your home’s appearance to attract guest bookings, you’ll also want to consider the types of guests which will be staying at your vacation rental home to ensure you are a right fit for one other. This can help to prevent any misunderstandings between yourself and your guests, especially if you will not be available nearby to personally handle such queries should they come up.

Vacation Rental Formula has come up with an article called “10 Mistakes VRBO’s Often Make – #5 Will Kill Your Business Before It Gets Started” which lists the common errors homeowners make when it comes to looking at your vacation rental home as a business. These are helpful reminders to help homeowners prevent potential problems as your guests are reviewing your vacation home listing(s) for rental.

1.The X-factor of Vacation Home Rentals

To increase guest bookings for vacation rental homes is to understand the types of guests which may be interested in staying at your vacation home. The biggest secret is that there is no single formula that will guarantee your guest reservations, but if you can add value to your vacation home by understanding that the X-factor is to be able to understand the perspectives and desires of your potential guests, this can truly help align the presentation of your home with the expectations and needs of your guests.

Visitors travelling to Whistler for the first time may need additional accommodations. Small yet thoughtful gestures, such as offering maps of the Whistler Blackcomb area in hard copy for your guests (they can bring those around as they venture out onto the mountains) can create a sentiment that will distinguish your vacation home rental from the best. The trick here is to truly understand the needs of your prospective guests, and having an open mind to see your vacation rental through the eyes of travellers visiting. 

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WVH Management is Here to Help Increase Bookings for Your Whistler Vacation Property Rental

Whistler Vacation Homes Management thrives when it comes to the area’s vacation home rentals because we’re here to assist you with the planning, preparing and perfecting of your anticipated trip to Whistler. After all, over 3 million memories are made on the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain each year — we highly look forward to being a part of yours!

WVH Management provides our guests with stellar services and genuine efforts as they arrive to Whistler each and every day. For more information on how to increase reservations for your Whistler vacation rental home, please feel free to reach out by calling us at 604-545-0488 or by clicking here to speak with us directly. 

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