North America’s Best Year-Round Adventure Destination.


Experience Whistler

A place perhaps most well-known for its spectacular beauty that acts as the perfect backdrop for an unparalleled array of outdoor adventures. Since its prominent role in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler has only continued to rise in renown.

Signature Natural Playground

As a world-class destination filled with vibrant activities and events all year long, Whistler attracts visitors from around the globe. Each one of these visitors will be looking for the perfect accommodations to match their vacation plans. Whistler Vacation Homes has the know-how and expertise to speak to these visitors from across the globe.

Along with our vacation rental expertise, WVH holds a genuine love of Whistler and all that it has to offer and we hope that we can share a part of this truly special place with all visitors.

Adventure for All

Not only is Whistler home to North America’s most sought-after and largest ski resort, it is the landscape upon which a huge variety of outdoor activities for adventurers of all levels take place. From snowmobile tours in the winter wilderness to golfing on championship-designed courses, Whistler holds something special for everyone.

Beyond the Expected

Those who want to take their exploration to the next level at Whistler have the option of commissioning excursions to lesser travelled areas. Flights can be taken to 12,000-year-old glaciers where visitors can trek across ancient ice formations. Alternatively, visitors can also experience intense off-roading experience in Whistler’s untamed backcountry, where they’ll get a true feel for the wild. Whistler is host to an assortment of remarkably unique adventure experiences.

Taste of Whistler

Tours don’t always have to be in the outdoors. Fine dining and tasting tours are another way to enjoy Whistler. The vibrant Village offers a wide range of dining options, from world-class fine dining to hidden gems beloved by locals. In the Village, visitors will also find an eclectic and lively arts and culture scene to explore in between their stops for food.


Whistler’s lakes, beaches, and parks are a major attraction for the region. Quiet summer afternoons can be spent relaxing by a beautiful mountain lake, fishing, picnicking, and camping. Around these areas are numerous trails, peacefully nestled in nature. Whistler also boasts an assortment of world class spa's and rejuvenation centres. Whistler is the perfect place to get away from the typical grind of daily life and create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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