We do not settle and we do not compromise. We are continuously exploring every avenue for improvement and innovation so that we can continue to provide the absolute best for all our clients.

Summary of Services

Here at Whistler Vacation Homes, we have built a comprehensive set of services that all our clients receive. From professional photography and home maintenance to the overall guest experience, the services that we offer have been thoughtfully designed to enhance every part of the rental process.

There are absolutely no compromises in quality and we promise a reliable, profitable, and entirely stress-free experience. Our commission works on a flat fee basis. In return, our clients receive our complete management services for the lowest rates in Whistler.

While we manage the entire process, our clients rest easy knowing that their home will be well cared for and thoroughly enjoyed by guests.

24/7 Support

24/7 response team for booking inquiries, guest support and maintenance.

Marketing Expertise & Pricing

Marketing insights and dynamic pricing for more bookings at higher rates.

Cleaning & Supplies

Professional cleaning after each guest visit is included. We pay for and stock basic amenities year-round.

Repairs & Maintenance

Any repairs coordinated at cost and semi-annual comprehensive maintenance inspections included.


Exquisite guest concierge services and 4.8/5 average rating from our guests.

Guest Screening

Advanced guest screening and home protection with the ability to see previous host reviews and rate guests at the end of their stay.


One low, flat commission on nightly revenues generated with no hidden fees. Please contact us for pricing options.

Length of Contract

Annual contracts with flexible 30 day cancellation. We are excited by the challenge of having to continually impress our clients.

Flat Commission

This includes: comprehensive maintenance inspections, professional photography, marketing expertise, guest cleaning fees, the cost of consumable guest amenities (soaps, shampoo, toilette paper etc.) and cooking supplies (oils, spices etc.). The only additional expenses owners will potentially see on their monthly statement are for repairs and maintenance, which are always billed at cost.

Lowest Management Rates in Whistler

We are proud to say that our business strategy enables us to charge the lowest management rates in Whistler. We do not have any hidden fees or surcharges and we do not charge any booking commissions. Not only is our management fee all-inclusive, but it has been structured to further benefit homeowners, as we take our fee on net rental revenue, rather than gross revenue. Please contact us for more pricing information.

Bathroom sink


Every home, no matter how beautiful or how perfectly located, will always need the right marketing touch for renters to see all of its benefits. With our extensive marketing consultation, we advise on décor upgrades and cover the cost for professional photography of your property in order to properly showcase your home. WVH also purchases and stocks basic amenities year-round, including consumables such as shampoo, toilet paper, cooking oils and spices.

Thorough enjoyment on our spa day

24/7 Guest Concierge Services

We know that enjoying a Whistler getaway extends beyond simply booking the right accommodation. That’s why we make ourselves available at all times to assist with any Whistler insights or suggestions. From getting lift tickets to finding the right adventure excursion, WVH provides tailored recommendations and advice. Quality concierge services are proven to lead to higher customer satisfaction, better reviews, and more return bookings.


Optimizing Our Service

In our pursuit of being at the pinnacle of the vacation rental industry, we incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) and dynamic pricing to advance our service for clients. SEO improves the properties visibility on home-sharing platforms and dynamic pricing strategies adjust the per night price according to demand to help maximize rental revenue.

WVH - Whistler Vacation Homes

Dedicated Owner Representative

Each homeowner receives a dedicated Whistler Vacation Homes representative that oversees their property and ensures it is well maintained year-round. This representative works to build a clear understanding of any unique or individual needs that a client may have in order to deliver a rental plan that is tailored to their goals.

WVH - Whistler Vacation Homes

Rental Performance

Whistler Vacation Homes assists owners with marketing on third-party rental sites. These sites are capturing an ever-increasing portion of market share, while offering more cost-effective rental marketing relative to the outdated model of using high advertising budgets to drive traffic to an independent website. These home-sharing platforms increase visibility, attract more bookings, and attain greater revenue for our clients. In addition, these rental websites have the added benefit of showing previous host reviews of guests who have stayed with them, which helps provide better guest screening.

WVH - Whistler Vacation Homes

Home Care

WVH offers exceptional home-care and covers the cost for regular top-to-bottom maintenance inspections to stay ahead of preventable maintenance issues. Our in-house maintenance team takes care of all minor repairs to ensure that our clients’ properties are always in top condition. Repairs and maintenance work is coordinated and overseen by us at your request or with your approval at no extra cost.

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