Technology has revolutionized the vacation rental market and WVH uses these innovations to benefit Whistler homeowners.



With a lifelong love of Whistler, coupled with a passion for real estate and innovation came the perfect opportunity to bring Whistler homeowners an unparalleled home-management service.

By closely following how the advent of home-sharing websites revolutionized the travel industry, we quickly realized that the high Whistler rental management fees were no longer necessary. There was a more efficient and cost-effective way to market homes and secure bookings.

In 2014, home sharing platforms & hotel aggregators overtook independent management websites in total number of bookings made, this trend has continued and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Our modern approach of using leading third-party rental websites enables us to offer management fees that are substantially lower than those of our competitors, while still delivering a remarkable service to owners and guests alike.


We love Whistler and we love what we do.

We pride ourselves on being honest, diligent and quick to respond to any needs that our clients or their homes may have.

We’re excited to share our fondness for and the magic of Whistler with visitors from around the world. We’re eager to work with owners to help them unlock their home’s full potential in order to deliver a great vacation experience and be a small part of the wonderful memories made by visitors from across the globe.

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