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Preparing Your Rental Properties For The Peak Season In Whistler

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Preparing Rental Properties Whistler Bedroom - WVH Management

Peak Season for Whistler Vacation Home Rentals

Attention, Whistler rental home owners! The winter holiday season, also commonly known as the peak season of Whistler — is finally here. What does it mean for you? Well, the winter season has traditionally proven the old adage to be true for Whistler holiday home owners: the more, the merrier. 

Come December, the Christmas lights are up throughout Whistler, each weekend sees higher volumes of traffic and we hit the ground running with peak season rentals over the holidays! How should homeowners prepare rental properties for high season in Whistler? Whistler Vacation Homes Management highlights the best ways to boost your rental bookings and offer a lasting impression for your winter holiday home tenants below:

How to Boost Your Rental Bookings for the Winter

Whistler rental home owners rejoice during the months of November and December as it is the busiest time of year for traffic on the mountains. 

Use the following tips to attract new visitors to make your vacation home their number one choice this year:

  1. make sure to update seasonal greetings for your rental property listing descriptions — something as simple as including phrases such as “Happy Holidays!” could present your home as especially warm and welcoming for new visitors
  2. don’t forget to include all elements that make your vacation home stand out amongst other properties in the area — does 
  3. offer resources like maps and brochures to help your visitors get around and feel at home
  4. stay updated and respond promptly to incoming inquiries about your property

Need some further assistance with this? WVH Management is always happy to help. We specialize in managing vacation rental homes for Whistler property owners, so you can sit back and relax this holiday season as we take care of your holiday home for you.

What there is to do during peak season in Whistler?

Not only is it important for your rental properties listing to attract new visitors, it’s just as important to make sure the travellers that do stay at your vacation home will want to return again next time. Visitors travelling from all around the globe look forward to the early season snowfall (with an average of 2.4 meters (almost 8 feet) in November alone as well as many seasonal events, activities and sales which will be taking place.

To create an authentic connection and offer a lasting impression with your tenants, you’ll want to introduce them to the many features of Whistler they should check out during their stay:

  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS — Whistler is North America’s largest ski resort, making winter the best time to visit the mountains for the great ski packages and abundance of early season snowfall. Not to mention, the great Pacific Northwest’s après ski scene at Whistler is also the perfect opportunity to network with some of the greatest ski or snowboarding fanatics from all around the world in the wintertime.

    Other outdoor activities to check out in Whistler during the winter time includes: Peak 2 Peak Gondola, Winter Ziplining, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Backcountry Skiing, Bobsledding and Heli-Skiing. Click here to visit Whistler’s official website to learn more.


  • WHISTLER VILLAGE — the picturesque pedestrian village offers plenty of promotional sales throughout the winter holidays. Whether it’s your visitors’ first time visiting Canada or they’re making a return from past visits, there are always new products and/or services to check out in the Whistler Village to make the trip especially memorable.

    From quaint Canadian souvenirs to sporting gear deals and promotions on equipment rentals, Whistler Village offers a great shopping experience whether your visitor(s) are travelling alone or in a group. To check out the latest deals and promotions happening at Whistler Village, click here.


  • WHISTLER RESTAURANTS — The Whistler Blackcomb mountains offer an authentic Canadian dining experience for travellers: from traditional Indian food to Australian pies or the traditional Canadian poutine, there is an array of multicultural cuisines to choose from. To learn more about where to eat in Whistler, click here.

    Whether you’re into craft beer or wines, there are also plenty of tasting tours, bars and breweries to check out during a holiday stay at Whistler. Tip: If it’s their first time visiting Canada, your visitors may wish to check out Canada’s signature ice wine which makes for a scrumptious dessert or after-meal delight. 

WVH Management Is Here To Help

Whistler Vacation Homes Management thrives when it comes to helping you planning an unforgettable winter vacation in Whistler. Over 3 million memories are made on the Whistler Mountain each year — we highly look forward to being a part of yours. 

If you need further assistance with planning your holiday trip to Whistler, please feel free to reach out by calling us at 604-545-0488 or by filling out the form here to speak with us directly. 

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