Planning a Whistler Family Winter & Ski Vacation

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Whistler may be the ultimate destination for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, but it’s also an amazing place for families. As a world class rated destination, Whistler, BC is the ideal destination for a ski holiday with the children. A family ski holiday in Whistler, BC offers just the right mix of adventure, challenge, and most importantly, time together. Whistler has all these key elements in abundance, and with the help of these following suggestions, planning an amazing family vacation will be effortlessly fun.

How to Get Here

After a day of navigating airports with kids, your best option is to leave the driving to a professional. You can kick back, relax, take in the view, and catch up on some sleep so you can arrive fresh at your accommodation. Your options range from coaches to private chartered vans and SUVs. If you’re traveling with a large group, the private charter can even work out to be cheaper per person than the coach.

Once here, Whistler is set up as a pedestrian paradise, so you can pretty much get anywhere effortlessly by walking or using the free shuttle in and around Whistler Village.

What to Do

Whether you’re a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, an art-connoisseur or someone who loves to dabble in it all, there’s something for you here. Even when you’re done skiing for the day, there is still a whole range of activities you may have never considered. From the tiniest little bundles to independent teenagers, here are some activity winners that will be sure to keep everyone happy.

Family Ski Day

There is no better family bonding activity than a day spent exploring Whistler’s expansive and beautiful mountains together. Check out this kids trail map to find on-mountain hideouts like the Treefort (Whistler Mountain) and Magic Castle (Blackcomb Mountain). If your family needs a few tips on their technique, consider taking a private lesson where an instructor will tailor the day specifically to your needs.

Family Snowmobile Tours

Does your family enjoy thrilling activities? A family snowmobile tour is a great way to explore our forests valleys and mountains. There are even mini sleds your kids can try on a specially-designed track.

Ski School/Camps

If your little ones need instruction, or just a refresher lesson, your in luck because Whistler boasts one of the world’s best ski and snowboard schools. Enrolling your kids in lessons will not only help them learn new skills, but they will also love having a built-in group of friends to play with while on vacation. Make sure to book these in advance as they do sell out over peak time periods. The instructors will teach the children from 3 years of age, provide a delicious hot lunch, and even use GPS tracking to pinpoint your child’s location.

Tobogganing and Tubing

Going tobogganing is a winter staple, and Whistler Olympic Park makes it easy. They have sleds for rent on site and even a cozy fire pit to help keep you warm between laps. Snow tubing is like tobogganing without having to walk back up hill. Open day and evenings, the Tube Park is one of Whistler’s most popular family event with a concession stand nearby and cozy fire pits to warm cold fingers and toes. If you want to have some fun on snow, without being the sled donkey for the kids, you’ll love this activity.

Consult the Experts

With our vacation rental expertise, Whistler Vacation Homes has the know-how and expertise to speak to to Whistler’s visitors from across the globe. We hold a genuine love of Whistler and all that it has to offer and we hope that we can share a part of this truly special place with all visitors.

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