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How To Plan A Pet-Friendly Vacation To Whistler

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Planning a Pet Friendly Vacation to Whistler

For most pet owners, travelling abroad can be quite the challenge. Not only are you faced with the notion of having to find someone to look after your pet during your absence, the alternative would be to bring your pet along on vacation, but may also likely result in extraneous pet fees added to your trip’s total costs. Luckily, Whistler, BC is a 100% pet-friendly vacationing hotspot, filled with activities and areas to explore, for both pet owners and pets alike.

Should you wish to bring your canine or kitty companion along on your trip, Whistler Vacation Home (WVH) Management has come up with a list of 5 tips below to assist you in planning your perfect pet-friendly vacation to Whistler:

Where to Stay: Choose a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental Home

While there are numerous pet-friendly accommodations available in Whistler, choosing to stay at a popular hotel for a pet-friendly trip can in fact grow costly, quickly; especially during the peak Winter seasons throughout the year. Hence, opting for a pet-permitted vacation rental home is recommended instead, for its flexibility and convenience as you venture out and explore the Whistler-Blackcomb Mountains. 

Vacation rental home owners are often aware that travellers prefer booking rental homes to use as a home away from home, and that not all vacationers require the full service package as charged by hotels. Subsequently, pet-friendly vacation homes are highly in demand in the Whistler area because travellers are able to enjoy their vacation and ensure their pets are happy with the space, as well. 

How Much to Pay: Pet Costs and Fees to Consider 

As mentioned, hotels typically reserve mandatory additional fees for guests looking to book for their pet to join in on their vacations. Certain fees that are normally charged by hotels for their services and amenities are not always mandated by vacation rental homes.

While some travellers may not mind paying extra for their pets, hotel rooms provide only a limited space for your pet to roam around, whereas a vacation rental home’s atmosphere may be more fitting as your pet attempts to familiarize itself in a new environment during your trip. 

It would be best to inform the homeowner or property manager ahead of time that you will be bringing your pet with you, so you may best plan and prepare for your trip’s expenses and cost calculations accordingly.

What to Pack: Pet Essentials to Bring on Your Trip

For many animals, being in an unfamiliar place can be nerve-wracking and even intimidating at first. If it is your pet’s first time being in Whistler, WVH Management recommends packing the following list of items during your travels to ensure your pet can familiarize itself more comfortably and actually enjoy the adventure while staying at their home away from home. 

  • Bringing your pet’s favourite water or food bowl(s) along on your trip can help them adjust more easily inside of their temporary home away from home. 
  • Packing kibble and special treats from home can also help your pet feel rewarded and excited to grow comfortable in a new environment.
  • Bringing toys, accessories and/or leashes that your pet will recognize can also help motivate shy or nervous pets into feeling more confident as you explore the Whistler area together.

Where to Visit: Pet-Friendly Trails and Off-Leash Play-Areas in Whistler

Besides for exploring the exhilarating outdoor activities, must-try eateries and other sports or events happening on the mountains, there are also tons of pet-friendly trails and off-leash play areas for your pets to venture through as well. 

The following list briefly outlines some of the most popular pet-friendly areas to be explored in Whistler:

Please note that unless otherwise specified (such as the Bayly Park Dog Off-Leash Area), Whistler requires for all pets to be leashed at all times. This policy applies to every park and trail throughout the mountains, and especially applies to the inside of Whistler Village.

Things to Consider: Misc. Tips for Your Pet-Friendly Vacation

  • Make sure your pet is under careful supervision at all times, as not all off-leash areas in Whistler are fenced, and there are many other potentially predatory animals which reside on the mountains. 
  • It is highly advised for you to do research on local policies and bylaws ahead of time. For example, most restaurants are not pet-friendly, so be sure to look for any signs upon arrival which might state the rules or conditions for pets as per regulations.
  • Try to keep disposable bags on your person so that you have them handy when you need to pick up after your pet. 


If you are a pet owner and are looking to take your beloved animal on vacation, there’s no better place to visit than Whistler, BC! For all other questions, feel free to contact us directly at WVH Management. We would be more than happy to assist you in planning your pet-friendly trip to Whistler.

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