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6 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Home Instead of a Hotel Room

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Over the years, vacation rental homes have grown increasingly popular among travellers all around the world, especially for those venturing out to the Whistler-Blackcomb mountains in BC. Why are globe-trotters choosing to rent vacation homes instead of booking traditional hotel rooms? Depending on the location you will be travelling to, the duration of your stay and what your travel plans might include, a vacation rental home may be the more preferable alternative solution for you. 

Whistler Vacation Home (WVH) Management has come up with 6 reasons below as to why you should rent a vacation rental home instead of a hotel room so you can live and explore like a local on your next trip to Whistler, BC:


6. More Spacious: Whistler Vacation Rental Homes for Sports Enthusiasts 

Vacation rental homes typically provide more square footage space over standardized traditional hotel rooms. If sporting events or outdoor activities are scheduled for your trip, you may feel more at ease travelling to Whistler with your gear and equipment by staying in a vacation rental home instead of a hotel room as it makes sense to return to a more spacious home away from home with your sporting equipment after a long day of biking, skiing or snowboarding in Whistler. 

5. More Cost-Friendly: Financial Flexibility 

Instead of having each guest stay in individual hotel rooms, the more practical solution would be to rent a vacation rental space where the rooms are distributed within a single home. This is especially helpful if you are planning for a longer duration of stay for your trip to Whistler.

For family and friends travelling together, vacation rental homes can grant greater financial flexibility so that each traveller has the option of budgeting expenses toward leisurely activities as opposed to paying for costly hotel fees for your home away from home. 

4. More Convenience for Those Travelling in Groups

Vacation rental homes come in all different sizes so that you have the option of selecting a vacation home that is the optimal space for you. Especially if you are travelling in larger groups and will be requiring additional rooms per person for your stay, splitting the cost of one vacation rental home between friends and family can allow for you to budget better for more personalized purchases to be made throughout your trip. 

In addition, having open spaces such as balconies and other common areas made available for friends and family members can create opportunities for lasting memories to be made and bonds to be strengthened quickly during your trip at Whistler.

3. More Access to Household Accommodations and Facilities

Unlike traditional hotel rooms, most vacation rental homes will provide you full access to a kitchen, on-site washers and dryers, and even heating or air conditioning facilities for all seasons. Also, vacation rental spaces in Whistler can provide you access to unique scenic views and quiet neighbouring areas so you can take photos which are unique and exclusive to you during your stay. 

Not only can these amenities and facilities offer greater flexibility when it comes to cooking and cleaning during your trip, it also makes Whistler a great option to visit for a more personalized getaway all year round.

2. More Comfort for Guests Travelling With Kids and/or Pets

If you are planning to travel with kids and/or pets during your trip to Whistler, choosing a vacation rental home may relieve you of the stresses in having to deal with hotel staff and other guests or patrons while taking care of the little ones. This way, you would have more control over your trip when it comes to things like managing toddlers learning to walk for the first time, or pets that need the extra room to roam around just as they would at home. 

Tip: if you will be bringing a pet along for your vacation, kindly inform the property manager upon booking to ensure that all cost adjustments or amenities required will be taken care of ahead of time. 

1. More Privacy for Accommodations Services and Amenities

Last, but not least, choosing to book a vacation rental home will provide you with more privacy as you will not be sharing common areas with other guests and patrons the way you would at a traditional hotel space. 

Some vacation rental homes even come equipped with pools, jacuzzis, or hot tubs that you can enjoy at peace in your own private space. Best of all, vacation rental homes will often provide Wi-Fi access for guests where you won’t have to share internet access with other guests!

Not only can larger groups benefit from the privacy of a vacation rental home, even those travelling alone or as a couple can appreciate the added privacy, making vacation rental spaces a much more preferable option for your stay in Whistler.


All in all, vacation rental homes continue to grow in popularity for visitors travelling to Whistler due to their convenience, flexibility and cost-friendly nature for the purpose of a relaxing eventful trip. Not only can booking a vacation home help you save on costs, it is truly the ultimate way to live and explore the area like a local resident. 

WVH Management offers travellers 24/7 customer support and carefully ensures that each vacation home is thoroughly taken care of when it comes to guest amenities, maintenance and repairs after each stay. 

For more information on how WVH Management can help you find the perfect vacation rental home for you, please feel free to call us directly at 604-545-0488 or by emailing today! 

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